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Hi I'm Jacques.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since birth and I started my first business when I was 8 years old. I’ve always yearned to make more money, so I can spend my time on my passions, which are the outdoors and adventure.

Ever since reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in primary school, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground to find opportunities to level up my financial life and build my wealth.

I’ve been a newspaper boy, a waiter, a bartender, an accounting clerk, a consultant, a business owner (7+ currently) and a decade long Superhost on Airbnb.

I love looking for ways to make money, automate my businesses and build wealth through real estate and other investments. I’m constantly trying out new software (I also implement and evaluate software solutions for clients, so it helps that it pays some of the bills!) to help me do more, save time and automate my processes. I also love sharing that journey with others, along with the tactics and methods I’ve learned along the way.

This blog exists because I believe it is our birthright to be successful. I see so many people that are super successful, that have no more intelligence or drive than I do and it took me a while to realize that some vehicles are simply better than others. We all have unique skills and traits and it’s critical to align those with the right vehicle. There are some that come naturally to me (like Airbnb, real estate and passive income businesses) and I know there are ones that make your heart beat faster that will lead you to financial independence.

If you’ve read this far, I want to welcome you to my world. A world where once you choose your path and double down with hard work, you can achieve heights beyond your wildest dreams.

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There are many ways to the mountaintop. I’m not here to advocate that you cannot get wealthy with a job – I know many people that have achieved mega wealth with a career (by investing wisely on the side!) – but my goal is to show you ways to supplement your income so you can start investing in things that will make you free.

Traveling and being able to control my time has been a lifelong passion. Today I split my year between Buenos Aires and Cape Town and it has shown me that it’s entirely possible with our current technology to set up businesses and careers without tying us to one location, if we so choose. That freedom is priceless. And having the money to utilize that freedom is a big bonus. I want you to reach your dreams.

If you’re ready to level up your life or your current businesses, then strap in and start here…

What I do

Helping you to become financially independent

Make more money

I unpack the many different business ventures I've started so you can cut through the clutter.

Choose the right tools

I've automated and streamlined so you can just choose and get going.

Invest efficiently

It's a minefield out there & I've found a balance that will pay lifelong dividends and keep you sharp.

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