Started in 2009, this student bookstore  has grown from strength to strength.

Started because Jacques and his business partner at the time were frustrated with high textbook prices and having to shop around to get the best prices, they decided to start a one stop shop that had everything you needed and that you knew was the cheapest.

It currently has a physical store in Pretoria right outside the main campus of the University of Pretoria and also sells online and ships to anywhere in the country.

Started alongside Bookit in 2009, this venture publishes Accounting and Law textbooks on behalf of lecturer authors who aim to keep costs low to students and want more control over the content they use to teach – benefitting both students and lecturers. 

Jacques has realized that great companies are often the result of great partnerships.
And they’re often a lot more fun than going at it alone!
As such, he has amazing partners in the following businesses.

"The core focus of our business is to assist distressed property sellers by finding a mutually beneficial solution."

Partnered with:

Michael Bowen

Property Investor & Investment Partner
Business Partner & Coach

Partnered with:

Samantha Hanreck