I love playing in the outdoors.
My favourite activities are :

Adventures to showcase to date

Fellowship of the Wheel


These trips were for two reasons: to have a boatload of fun and to raise some money in the process. We achieved both aims and will continue doing these trips as often as time allows. The first iteration was only myself and Christiaan Jansen. Our second trip included Lourens Swart. All three of us are avid property investors and keen for a good adventure.

We travelled from Pretoria, in the Gauteng province to Cape Town in the Western Cape. Total distance by car is 1461km, but in both cases we added a bit more miles to avoid the busier main roads and included some dirt roads for good measure. We usually do the trip over 15 days, give or take a rest or injury day. We carry all our gear on our bikes and we overnight in as affordable accommodation as possible – which is all at our own cost. Our first event had no support, but the second one had a support vehicle in the form of my car, Christiaan’s mom and one of her friends who were up for a good roadtrip. The only thing we were allowed to store in the car was cold beer! The support they provided along the way in the form of encouragement and for me, since I was injured (on both trips!), was invaluable.

On the next one!




Right Face — Arrow Face Traverse


Very strenuous and sketchy route with some serious exposure. Was good fun and a bit stressful at certain points where slipping would equal certain death. Not for the faint hearted, but well worth it!

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My favourite spot on Table Mountain- on a clear day (video 1) and on a cloudy day for some extra charm (video 2). About a 100min hike to the top.